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Sell Used Equipment For Cash

Is your business consolidating, downsizing, or relocating facilities? Sell used business equipment for cash to TCL Pro today!
With over 50 years of combined experience in the asset liquidation industry, we always offer competitive and fair market prices for your used equipment. ASI wants to buy your good quality used pallet rack, conveyor systems, mezzanines, lift equipment, material handling, vehicle fleet, industrial shelving, and other surplus warehouse and distribution facilities, along with the associated support equipment. No quantity of used equipment is too large or too small.

TCL Pro pays cash for your used warehouse equipment at a fair and competitive market price right here in Atlanta. We have conducted some of the largest sales of retail chains, computer franchises, and distribution centers in the country, and we have a wide network of clients looking to buy used equipment.

Used Equipment We Frequently Buy

Competitive prices are paid. No job is too big or too small for our experienced, professional road crews, and we are available anywhere in the continental United States.

Pallet Racking For Sale In USA

Pallet racking and shelving

Including teardrop pallet racks, structural pallet racks, selective pallet racks, drive-in pallet racks, pushback pallet racks, pallet flow racks, and many other styles of pallet racks.

Commercial Liquidation In USA


Steel mezzanines, pallet rack mezzanines, shelf-supported mezzanines, mezzanine flooring, mezzanine catwalks, mezzanine gates, mezzanine stairways.

Conveyor Belts For Sale In USA

Conveyor and Robotics

Gravity conveyor, power conveyor, flexible conveyor, conveyor accessories, and conveyor systems.

Warehouse Liquidator In USA

Material Handling

Forklifts, pallet stackers, hand trucks, cardboard balers, trash compactors, packaging equipment

USA Warehouse Liquidator

Lift Equipment

Vehicle Fleet Liquidator In USA

Vehicle Fleet

Nation Warehouse Liquidator In USA

Sorting Equipment

USA Warehouse Liquidator

Generators and Compressors

Sell your used equipment today

TCL Pro is looking to purchase high-quality used process equipment. We would like to know if you have surplus process or packaging equipment for sale.
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Why sell us your used equipment?

We’ll purchase your surplus storage and handling equipment and travel nationwide to your facility to disassemble and remove it.

We’re always on the hunt for used material handling equipment for our stock. Whether you have a small quantity of racking or need to move a distribution center full of equipment fast, we’re interested and can help.

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We Pay Cash

You can make money and save thousands on labor costs to remove it.

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We Take It Down

We’ll travel to your facility and disassemble the equipment.

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We Load It

We’ll remove the equipment and load it onto our trucks.

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We leave it clean

We will leave the entire building, broom, swept and cleaned.

We buy complete businesses of many types, including:

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    Lift Equipment Fleets
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    Pallet Racking
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    Drive-In Coolers and Freezers
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    Convenience Stores
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    Complete Warehouse Assets
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    Food Distributors
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    Pharmaceutical Warehouses
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    Food Processing Facilities
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    Any type of distribution operations (All assets)

We always welcome pictures of the equipment you have for sale. Contact us today. We will not share your information with any third parties.

Pallet Racking installation Atlanta FAQs

How Quickly Can We Get Started?
It might be quicker than you think! The first step is to contact us with a list of your inventory for sale and photos. Once we understand your unique situation, we typically provide a quote within five days and will schedule a time with you to have one of our team members visit your site.
Will TCL Pro Buy and Remove Everything In My Commercial Facility?
We purchase all kinds of used, good-quality warehouse equipment, from pallet racks to mezzanines, office equipment and retail equipment. Uncommon sizes, bad condition, and very small quantities may dissuade us from purchasing your material. However, we always encourage everyone to reach out with their available material so we can better understand your business and intentions and provide you with a recommendation that would best fit your needs.
Will TCL Pro Clean Up After They've Finished Removing My Equipment?
Yes! Removing used warehouse and commercial equipment is dirty work, so we ensure that all debris is disposed of appropriately, with the floors left in a broom, swept and cleaned condition.
Can You Work Around An Open Business?
We Can! Tearing down a warehouse that's in operation can sometimes slow down a project, as additional steps must be taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved while minimizing impact to your business processes.

Areas we Service

TCL Pro facilitates liquidating and decommissioning of assets for businesses across the United States.
Businesses in Atlanta and across the United States have experienced the reliable liquidation and decommissioning services offered by TCL Pro. We have worked closely with businesses operating in a wide range of industries, such as retail, construction and warehousing!

Commercial Liquidation Services In USA

We Make Selling Your Warehouse Material Handling Equipment An Easy Process

We'll put money in your bank and make the process pain-free. We do all the heavy lifting.