Business Asset Liquidation Services In Atlanta

From material handling and warehouse equipment liquidation. Our experienced team is ready to catalog, value, and remove everything from pallet racks to more specialized equipment like lift trucks or vertical lift modules.

Take advantage of our warehouse liquidation services by selling your used industrial warehouse racking and equipment in Atlanta, GA.

Liquidating Assets In Atlanta

Why waste time liquidating assets when you can partner up with a trusted name in the industry?
At TCL Pro, we have years of experience in asset removals from commercial spaces. We can leverage our long-standing industry relationships to get your equipment into the right hands without you ever lifting a finger, bringing your commercial building back to the pre-lease condition in no time.
You can do a lot on your own regarding liquidation, but it’s quite a lot of work. Our experienced team is ready to catalog, value, and remove everything from pallet racks to more specialized equipment like lift conveyor belts and robotics, trucks or vertical lift modules.

A One-Stop-Shop for Liquidation, Buying, and Trading

Often, Atlanta warehouses have trouble finding specialized buyers for their equipment. Not everyone needs a stretch pallet wrapper, after all. Our connections in the warehouse and commercial help us get your equipment sold fast. We have worked with hundreds of warehouse and business professionals and built a rapport with our clients. Equipment in spaces under 100,000 ft.² could be sold as quickly as 30 days; anything over that could go up to six months to a year.
We buy back your equipment, refurbish it, and sell it through our marketplace.

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What Can We Liquidate?

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Warehouse Equipment

We buy and sell all types of warehouse equipment, from small and mid-sized to large and oversized operations.

Some of the equipment we deal with is Pallet Rack, Drive-In Racks, Push Back Racks, Span-Track, Cantilever Racks, Shelving, Conveyors, Lift Trucks and Pallet Jacks, Work Benches, Hand Trucks and Carts, Forklifts, Mezzanines and more.

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Office Furniture & Liquidation

For businesses moving to a new office space, retiring, or closing for financial reasons, liquidating office equipment can be daunting. At TCL Pro, we can purchase your used office equipment, remove it from your space and leave it ready for sale or leasing. Some of the office equipment we deal with includes - office furniture and fixtures, computers, filing and storage systems, appliances, printers/fax/copy machines, laptops, security systems and more.

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Retail Merchandise

Whether you are downsizing, closing down or relocating, we can help you liquidate your store equipment and inventory quickly and efficiently at TCL Pro. We can purchase your inventory and equipment, remove it from the space in an agreed time frame and leave the property in a condition ready to be sold or leased.

Areas we Service

TCL Pro facilitates liquidating and decommissioning of assets for businesses across the United States.
Businesses in Atlanta and across the United States have experienced the reliable liquidation and decommissioning services offered by TCL Pro. We have worked closely with businesses operating in a wide range of industries, such as retail, construction and warehousing!

Commercial Liquidation Services In USA

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